Domaine Le Garrigon
An organic and vegan wine in Drôme provençale

In Tulette, Daniel Couston offers you Côtes du Rhône PDOs,

a range of red, white and rosé wines

The winegrower's job is a passionate one.

It defends inheritance thanks to organic farming and its involvement in vegan movement.

We can only congratulate ourselves and thank you for taking part in this great adventure which is at the same time ours and yours by the appreciation that you bring to the quality of our wines.

The SCEA Couston brother & sister is glad to present you for this new year a completely different version of the site :

Marie-Françoise Abbes-Couston Daniel Couston

WELCOME to Domaine Le Garrigon !

It is in the village of Tulette, in Drôme Provençale, that we develop our range of red, white and rosé organic wines which fruitiness is second to none. These wines are elaborated without any yeast, enzyme, animal product (Vegan), without weedkiller or pesticides, thanks to a traditional vinification, respectful of nature and living beings.

Indeed, because of our family heritage as a producer, we have kept alive our passion for wineyard work, to which we have brought our wish to practice methods of cultivation that are more environment-friendly.

Our Côtes du Rhône and Côtes du Rhône Village Visan are dominated by red and black fruits. Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, Mourvedre are the grape varieties of our red and rosé wines, Viognier and Bourboulenc of our white wines.

We would be glad to welcome you to the Domaine's cellar for a tasting of our wines. You can also order directly at the Domaine, or find our wines at our distributors !

Domaine Le Garrigon in Tulette

Interview with Daniel Couston & his sister Marie-Françoise Abbès-Couston

The wine estate is included in the Côtes du Rhône appellation, a family inheritance that the brother and sister Daniel and Marie-Françoise have the art and the way to make flourish.

Daniel knows wine, he knows how to talk about it. He works tirelessly from the vineyard to the cellar.

Marie-Françoise manages the estate, and her keen insight doesn’t miss any detail. This is the reason why the estate is fullblown.

Daniel :

Yes, the estate is above all a beautiful family odyssey

I was chosen at birth by my grandfather to take over from the estate. From the age of twelve, I spent all my free time with him in the vineyard. I picked the vine shoots and it was really pleasant for me because I felt and knew at his side that I wanted to do this : learn this beautiful job of winegrower.


Since alongside our grandfather he flourished in the vines, nourished by observation and a great curiosity for what was already a passion for the vine, he was builded to be a future winegrower. He is since many years the holder of a real know-how, between tradition and innovation.

Daniel :

Since 1997 the vineyard is organic, without any yeast, enzyme, animal product,

without weedkiller, pesticides, and respectful of nature and human beings.

Respect and protection of the environment have always been a priority for the estate. Vines are alive, we focus on the conservation of all kingdoms, mineral as

well as vegetable, animal, and human. We aspire to conserve the natural balance... The purity of the wines is essential. By organic farming, they reveal the quality of the terroir. Moreover, that there is animals in the vines greatly helps this harmonical balance between soil, plant, wine and human beings.

Respect of soil’s quality and these know-how have been important for the estate from the beginning, and future generations will benefit from this natural way of taking care of vines and the constant quality of our wines.

Definition of a vegan wine

Vegan wine is guaranteed without animal products. It is the most demanding label.

Vegan logo guarantees that the wine, if it has been fined or filtered, has been fined with vegetable or mineral proteins.

"What is wine?

It is a living body where the most diverse "spirits", the flying spirits and the weighted spirits are balanced, a conjunction of heaven and earth.

Better than any other plant, vines find the harmony of the mercures of earth giving the wine its right weight.

Vines work all year round following the sun's march through all the zodiacal signs.

Wine never forgets, in the depths of the cellars, to start again this walk of the sun in the "houses" of the sky.

It is by thus marking the seasons that he finds the most astonishing of the arts : the art of aging."

Gaston Bachelard – Earth & Reveries of Repose